F.I.C.B. General assembly : 29 January 2022

The 2022 F.I.C.B. General Assembly will be held:

Saturday 29 January 2022 at 10:00
at the Maison des Associations
14, rue René Boylesve 75016- Paris

Because of the travel difficulties that remain for some countries due to the pandemic, and as for the 2021 GA, F.I.C.B. members will be able to participate in three ways: actual presence, proxy given to another member or vote bycorrespondence, and should specify their choice on the registration form.

The Board of administration will meet remotely on 19 January to finalise the draft resolutions concerning the statutory decisions. These resolutions will be sent to members on 22 January to enable a vote by correspondence or to specify proxies.

In view of the positive developments in France, our members are encouraged to participate effectively, being said that the applicable health conditions will be applied.

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click here for the draft minutes of the GA 2021