F.I.C.B. International Congress postponed to June 2021

The 51st F.I.C.B. Congress was to take place in Alba and the Piedmont region from 4 to 10 June 2020. The organisers, the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and the Wines of Alba and Langhe-Experience tours&events, have put together a very attractive programme to enable visitors to discover their beautiful region and prestigious wines (Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco in particular) in exceptional conditions. This programme was a great success and we had to set up a pre-selection procedure as we had to limit ourselves to 200 participants due to the capacity of the magnificent places where the events will take place.

Unfortunately, the Covid19 pandemic has meanwhile hit the whole of humanity and it is not possible for the Congress to take place on the planned dates. The F.I.C.B. Bureau and the organisers have therefore agreed to postpone the Congress for one year (from 3 to 9 June 2021), with the same programme and the same financial conditions. We have logically decided to postpone by one year the two following F.I.C.B. events (Challenge in Hungary in 2022 and Congress in Portugal in 2023), with the agreement of their organisers. The postponement of the 2020 Congress is in the hope that the world situation will return to normal in the coming months and that registered participants will be able to take advantage of this long-awaited event to enjoy again the spirit of conviviality and sharing that animates our brotherhoods.

Registered participants are invited to confirm or cancel their participation before September 30, 2020, a date which gives them time to reflect and see how the situation evolves.

In the event that, for personal reasons, a participant cannot postpone his or her participation, the organisers will apply reimbursement rules that go well beyond their strict legal obligations related to the "force majeure" that the pandemic constitutes. Indeed, if the registration is cancelled before September 30th, the participant will be refunded 90% of his/her registration (less bank transfer costs if any), instead of 75%, unless he/she, or his/her F.I.C.B. member brotherhood, finds a replacement, in which case he/she will be refunded 100% (less bank transfer costs if any).

However, if by September 30th there were less than 100 confirmed participants, the Congress would be definitively cancelled, which would be a great disappointment for all those who are looking forward to it.

Click here for the detailed modalities for the postponement of the Congress

Click here for the letter from the President of F.I.C.B. to the registered participants.

 Click here for the program of the 2020 Congress and its extension (the programme for the Congress postponed to 2021 is the same with the dates 3 to 9 June)