The F.I.C.B. Guide now available in 5 languages

The "Practical guide for the creation and development of a wine brotherhood" was approved by the F.I.C.B. General Assembly in January 2017. The guide is meant as much to assist in the creation of a wine brotherhood in regions, with a wine production or not, which do not yet have a brotherhood as to be a source of inspiration for the development of existing brotherhoods.

The contents table is as follows

  • Welcome message from the F.I.C.B. Executive Committee

  • The International Charter of Wine Brotherhoods affiliated to F.I.C.B.

  • Creating a wine brotherhood

  • The statutes: principles and recommendations

  • The signs of belonging

  • The members: admission, induction, ranking

  • Governance: governing and executive bodies

  • Main activities

  • Suggestions for other activities

  • Communication and promotion

  • Income, budget and initial investment

  • Relations with other wine and food brotherhoods

Annex A: Examples of induction oaths

Annex B: A brief history of the wine brotherhoods

Annex C: Presentation of F.I.C.B.

Annex D: Becoming a member of F.I.C.B

Le guide est disponible en 5 langues: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT.

The version in Italian has just been published in Italian with the assistance of Cristina Centola (Lega del Chianti).

Click here for the English edition

Click here for the French edition

Click here for the Italian edition

Click here for the German edition

Click here for the Spanish edition