Compagnie des Vignolants du Vignoble Neuchâtelois CV2N

Case Postale 77

CH-2013 Colomier


Tel/fax.: +41 32 841 25 00


Michel Tardin (even years)

Robert Goffinet (odd years)


Alfred Zehr



The Compagnie des Vignolants du Vignoble Neuchâtelois - CV2N was founded on October 6, 1951, by the 19 wine-growing municipalities of the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

According to the Charter, the Vignolants solemnly promise to promote and defend the noble White and Red wines of their vineyards situated on the shores of the Lake of Neuchâtel, between Le Landeron to the East and Vaumarcus to the West, the Jura mountains on "Jorand wind" and the Lake on "Ubère wind".

Member categories:

- the wine-growing municipalities of the Lakeside

- individual members having been enthroned


3 annual Chapters

- The Spring Chapter in March

- The Blossom Chapter in June

- The Autumn Chapter in November

Other events

- third week of January: tasting the new "unfiltered" white wine

- end of September: Fête des vendanges at


- various other events announced during the year