Zdruzenje Slovenskega Reda Vitezov Vina


ZSRVV (Združenje slovenskega reda vitezov vina)

Vinarski trg 1,

SL-2250 Ptuj, Slovenija

Postal address:

c/o prof. dr. Milan Pogacnik, Knight of Wine

Kladezna 13,

SL- 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel.: +386 41 613611


prof.dr.Milan Pogacnik (Ambassador) milan.pogacnik@guest.arnes.si

 Ema Bratovz (Secretary)


Postal address: Soteska 85,1241 Kamnik, Slovenia

Tel.: +386 41 330032



Representatives of the Order

Ambassador of the Order:

prof.dr.Milan Pogacnik,Knight of Wine

Secretary of the Order:

Ema Bratovž,Knight of Wine I.Order



The Association of the Slovene Order of the Knights of Wine is an independent, voluntary, non-profit and religiously and politically neutral association of Slovene citizens who implement their interests in the area of worshipping the grapevine and wine, fostering, promoting and spreading the wine-drinking culture and the activities related thereto.

Establishment and activities

With its establishment on 9 January 2004 in Ptuj, the Order entered an active and widely organised area. Since then it has made every effort to upgrade the area with its own story. Within the Order we spread true friendship through wine. Our activities are based on democratic principles and equality of all members and there are no differences between male and female members. We are all entitled to vote and to be elected into the bodies of the Order. We become members on an equal basis and are making progress in accordance with the agreed criteria and our contributions to the Order. The acts and important decisions are being adopted in the Order's highest bodies in a transparent manner and each member has the power of influence. Within its activities, the Order devotes most of its attention to Slovene tradition and the culture of worshipping the grapevine and wine, proceeding from national and Christian values. We are not burdened with any political and religious interests.

The image and all symbols and signs of the Order (documents, insignias, clothing, emblems of the order etc.) and our meetings are all in the spirit of tradition and the symbolism of Slovene wine-growing and wine production. All members of the Order basically use the same insignias and are of the same rank. The Order carries out its activities with the awareness that it has its own organisation which is equal to related organisations in other countries and the members are prepared to cooperate with any one who would consider and respect these values.

Knights' Tables

The Knights' Tables are regional units of the Order and operate according to the working methods of the Order's Council. The Order's Council establishes the Knights' Tables according to the territorial principle. The members of each individual Knights' Table elect among themselves a leader who is approved by the Order's Council and a secretary, both for the period of five years.  After the expiry of their terms of office they can be re-elected. The work of the Knight's Table is regulated by the rules of procedure which must comply with the rules of procedure of the Order's Council.

The Association of the Slovene Order of the Knights of Wine consists of eight Knights' Tables:
- the Celje Knights' Table;
- the  Dolenjska, Posavje and Bela krajina Knights' Table;
- the Ljubljana Knights' Table;
- the Maribor Knights' Table;
- the Pomurje Knights' Table;
- the Goriška Brda and Vipava Knights' Table;

- the  Slovenska Istra and Kras Knights' Table and

- the Ptuj-Ormož Knights' Table.