Confraria Enogastronomica da Madeira

Confraria Enogastronomica da Madeira

 Rua do Mercado. 9325 – 034 Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal.

 +351 917777282 / +351 963129118

 President : Alcides NOBREGA

Vice-president: Olga MENDES

Vice-president : Carlos SOARES

Secretary: Márcio RIBEIRO

Treasurer : Carlos BARROS

Ambassador : Lino de Jesus DIONISIO





The Madeira Enogastronomic Brotherhood was born as Madeiran Academy of Meat, April 30, 2000, by the hand of a group of individuals that were Madeiran traditional food-lover's, especially the recipes associated with meat.

Since the foundation of the Brotherhood, the Wine culture has been present allie with Gastronomic culture. In the last decades, with the emergence of the Madeiran still wines, the Madeiran Brothers felt the will to cherish and promote it too.

In 2019 this inclusion is formalized with new statutes and consequent amendment, becoming the Madeira Enogastronomic Brotherhood with the mission to defend, preserve, promote, disseminate, honor and enhance the Enogastronomic Heritage of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, including its customs and practices, its traditions and the techniques and technologies inherent in their production.



GRAND CHAPTER (yearly, in April)

In the last weekend of April, we invite all brothers and sisters to celebrate our anniversary. During four days, we give to know the wine, the tastes and the cultural of our beautifull islands. In the main day, we have the admission of new members. Hope see you soon at our Grand Chapter. More info :