United Kingdom

While the British are great amateurs of wine and vines have been grown in Great Britain before the Romans' arrival, English and Welsh vineyards are limited in surface. This is due to the fresh and humid climate of the main island. However, there is a great potential of development because of climate change, particularly for sparkling wines with geologic layers similar to the Côteaux de Champagne, of which they are the extension across the Channel.

Surface : 1438ha         Production 22 700hl      Consumption : 12,5 Mhl

  • soils : limestone and alluvium
  • climate : fresh and humid
  • main grape varieties : chardonnay, pinot noir, bacchus and  seyval blanc, for approximately ¾ of whites and ¼ of reds
Main wine regions
The vineyards are concentrated in the South of England (Cornwall, Surrey, East and West Anglia in particular), Yorkshire and Wales.
In agreement with the E.U. legislation for PDO(AOC) and PGI (IGP). To be noted: the diffferenciation between « English wine » or « Welsh wine », which are wines produced from grapes grown on the territory and which follow the European legislation, and « British wines » produced from imported grapes
Sites: www.englishwineproducers.co.uk/   and www.ukva.org.uk/  (association of UK winegrowers)