Ordre Illustre des Chevaliers de Méduse

Château Salettes

F-83740 La Cadière d'Azur


Tél : 33 4 94 26 33 15

GSM : 33 6 11 54 33 56

Grand Maître : Jean-Pierre BOYER

Grand Connétable : Mathieu DE WULF

Grand Argentier : Georges ROMÉO

Grand Chancelier: Nathalie COQUELLE

Contact: chevaliers@ordremeduse.com

Site: www.chevaliersmeduse.com

The Order of Medusa was born in1690. It was dissolved in 1789, during the French Revolution.

The new Order was born in 1951.

The purpose of the Order of Medusa is  the promotion of « oils » (wines) of Provence. The Order organizes every year at least 2 chapters : the first in January for Saint-Vincent' day, and the second in the summer.

The inductions begin by the grade of Chevalier (Knight).

The second grade is Officer

The upper grade is Commander.

In 2002, a new grade of Knight of Memory and Tradition was awarded to some high ranking officers of the French Navy.


Saint-Vincent 2016

The two Chapters of the Illustrious Order of the Knights of the Medusa which were organized to celebrate Saint Vincent's Day were a new opportunity for our Brotherhood to meet among friends to share a good moment and enthrone some local personalities, thus extending a long list of more than 2000 knights.
- On Sunday January 17th, the usual Extra-Muros Chapter in honor of Saint Vincent's Day was held in CHATEAU RASQUE, in TARADEAU, in the VAR department. After the Knights' Mass, the Grand Commander Jean-Pierre BOYER, accompanied by his Commanders opened the Chapter of Saint Vincent, during which five new Knights and two Knights of Memory and Tradition were enthroned. In the photograph here below, one can see the large smiles and happiness of the Commanders and the new Knights as the moment is immortalized under the shining sun of our wonderful Provence;
- On Sunday January 31st, having been invited by the organizers of the Saint Vincent's Day festivities of the town of SAINT-MAXIMIN-LA-SAINTE-BAUME in the VAR department, the Knights of the MEDUSA, after the traditional procession in the main streets of the town and a round of honor in the Royal Convent's cloisters, following the statue of Saint Vincent, attended the Saint Vincent's Mass solemnly celebrated in the town's ancient basilica. Afterwards, back in the courtyard of the convent, the Grand Commander Jean-Pierre BOYER, strictly following the tradition as established at the end of the 18th Century, opened a public extra-muros Chapter during which three regional personalities were enthroned.