Commende Majeure du Roussillon

Seat: Maison des Vignes et des Vignerons

19, avenue de Grande-Bretagne BP 649

F-66000 Perpignan

Tél.: +33 (0)4 68 34 62 63

Grand Maître: Jean-Claude ESTIRACH

Grand Chancelier: Jean-Pierre RAMONEDA

Secrétaire général: Jean-Paul METOIS



The Commende Majeure du Roussillon received on 26 July 1374 from Pierre IV of Aragon the confirmation of the priviledge of 1299, establishing the Order of the Guards to oversee the duty and the right to grow grapes and produce wine.

It is composed of members of the Chapter and "Commendataires of Honour"


Grand exceptional Chapter and Symposium of food and wine brotherhoods
21-23 June 2019