Who are our members ?

The active members of FICB are the wine Brotherhoods , or associations of brotherhoods, of any country, whose main purpose is the promotion of wine and vine products, their reasoned and convivial tasting, the maintenance of the related traditions and quality. The active members are admitted by decision of the Executive Committee of FICB. Their application must be seconded by at least two Brotherhoods already active members of FICB. All members commit to pay an annual fee corresponding to their membership category and to respect and apply the statutes and values of FICB. The membership fee for 2019 is of 150€ and the admission right of 50€.

In order to increase the outreach of FICB and to encourage support to its activities and those of its member Brotherhoods, FICB decided, at its General Assembly on 26 January 2013, to create additional member categories with no deliberative vote :

- at the level of the member Brotherhoods, or associations of brotherhoods, associate members which support them in their country and wish to benefit from the international outreach of FICB : they may be producers or distributors or wine and vine products, tourist offices, museums on the theme of wine and vine, training and promotion offices, etc.

- at the level of FICB itself, sponsor members which may be organizations or companies operating on the international, or least a continental, scene in the areas of production, distribution or promotion of wine and vine products and wish to support and benefit from the international network constituted by FICB.

- honorary members are individuals having contributed eminently to FICB and to the cause of the reasoned consumption and tasting of wine