Becoming a member

 The Statutes of F.I.C.B. foresee 3 categories of members:
- active member
- associate member
- honorary member
The conditions for admission are specified in the statutes and the rules of procedure
The active members of F.I.C.B. are wine brotherhoods, or associations thereof, and, by extension wine societies, having similar activities and endorsing the International Charter of Wine brotherhoods of the F.I.C.B.
The membership application should be made using the application form , to be returned duly completed and signed by the Grand Master of the organization (or the equivalent top executive) having the power to commit it legally, together with a brief history and succinct information on the membership of the applicant.
Candidacies for active membership should be supported by at least 2 active members of F.I.C.B.
Among the advantages of being an active member:
- Active contribution to the international promotion of the values and traditions that our Wine brotherhoods advocate for the production and tasting of quality wines;
- Our bilingual website, which we have recently completely revamped and are developing to make it a truly international reference portal on the quality, traditions and culture of wine and thus increase its exposure to internet users interested in the world of wine. Our active members benefit from an individual page in the website and may thus increase their visibility promote their own image and events. The website also contains information on F.I.C.B. and its activities.
- The network of contacts between our members, which is a source of inspiration, information, mutual promotion and collaboration between our members;
- The priority to participate in the international biennial F.I.C.B. Congresses and events. The next Congress will take place in in june 2020 in Alba and the Piemonte region in Italy, and then in Portugal in 2022. In 2019, the first F.I.C.B. International wine tasting and rating Challenge will take place in Finland from 6 to 9 June;
- The use of the Paris address of the seat of F.I.C.B. and access to a meeting room at the Paris Wine Museum, to hold meetings (booking must be made in advance) and preferential rates for admission to the museum and its restaurant.
The membership fee for 2018 for active members is 150€. The initial admission fee is 50€.
Associate members should be presented by  their related FICB member Wine brotherhood. The associate membership fee for 2018 is 100€.
It is the Executive Committee of F.I.C.B. which decides on admission whatever the status (active, associate or honorary)